Unplanned Expenses in April 2019

Unplanned Expenses in April 2019

I felt like I was hemorrhaging money in April. Seriously, someone nicked an artery. Some of it was simply out of my control, some of it was due to laziness or poor planning on my part, and some of it was due to good old-fashioned consumerism. Every month is a new beginning, and I was really, really glad to see April end for the sake of paying off my student loans.

Below I list my unplanned expenses, and how much money I was able to put toward my student loans for April:

04/01/2019   Hiking Boots $83.45  This purchase is alarming to see on a blog hell bent on saving money, no? I felt the same way. Post to follow about why I made this purchase.

04/04/2019   Beer for Camping Trip $10.69

04/06/2019   Ice Cream Blizzards  $10.24  It was hot out, I succumbed.

04/10/2019   New Router $37.44   I have no idea why we needed this, but S. is the tech expert In our house and he said we needed it.

04/13/2019    Snacks at gas station $14.06    Not okay. I should have been prepared and had snacks on hand in the car. I believe we had spent all day playing a disc golf course far from home and due to poor planning, we were ravenous when we stopped for gas and ended up with a carload of cheese curls and other crap.

04/14/2019   Tax Software $23.52   Notice how close we are to the tax filing deadline…

04/16/2019    Ice Cream at Whip-y Dip in our neighborhood $4.25    Ok, we have a problem. At least we’re supporting local businesses in our area!?

04/19/2019 Double Dog Leash  $11.97    My sister was kind enough to watch our dog, and I wanted to give this to her since I know walking Ranger and her dog is really, really hard on two separate leashes. They are generally a tangled, bumbling mess that makes all walks nothing but unpleasant.

04/20/2019 Ranger Vet Appointment  $204.00  I hesitate to add this since we do consider Ranger’s expenses planned. We’re responsible owners and have more than enough to take care of him. Foolishly, we waited too long to buy his flea/tick medicine and he was bit while in the woods. We took him to the vet to make sure the tick was fully removed, and we had  a panel of blood work done to check for Lyme and other diseases. While there I bought two more doses of his flea/tick medicine which is included in this number. Lesson learned. And I got a $15.00 rebate for the medicine!

04/20/2019 Groceries for Easter $8.14  I made a hashbrown casserole for our Easter family breakfast.

04/25/2019 Provisions for trip to Florida $40.00 I had to buy a few things for our trip, like travel size contact solution, band-aids, and snacks for the airport. This number seems high, how’d I drop $40 before the trip!?

04/25/2019  Fast Food  $6.41  – Cardinal Sin! After running around for my provisions, dropping our dog at the sitters (my sister), and packing for our trip, I was weak and swung through the drive thru.

04/27/2019 Sunblock $12.77  Since I can’t fly with sunblock I had to purchase it while in Florida, and it was really pricey!

04/27/2019 The Red Door Saloon  $13.50  I bought a round of beers at this bar on the water in Florida. Not a bad price, really.

04/30/2019   Restaurant in Florida $44.70    Steve and I meant to have a scrumptious, romantic seafood dinner while at the beach, but we took so long to get out the door that we ended up at the only place in town serving food after 10:00 pm on a weekday. The food was really subpar, and I was disappointed I spent this much money. Another lesson learned: get out the door earlier for dinner.

Total Spent on unplanned expenses: $525.14

I’ll add here that we paid our water bill this month. It’s a planned expense but hits us hard every time. It’s water and sewage and it’s higher than almost anyone’s I know. The mayor’s wife runs the billing department and we think something fishy is going on (wink, wink).

Total I was able to contribute to student loans for April: $392.85

Total I put toward savings: $0

Since I had so little left over at the end of the month, I threw it all at my student loans.

In the coming months I’ll include my loan balance after the end of month payment, right now it’s a hair over 11k.

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